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  1. steve go

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    Hi there,

    I have a slight challenge I am hoping you can help with. A few years ago, I had my kitchen and back hall tiled with ceramic tiles. As the boiler, washing machine etc were all in situ at the time in the utility room, we didn't tile in there, and they all just sit on the concrete floor slab and some tatty old carpet.

    My boiler burst this week, and is going to be replaced - so we are keen to now lay the tiles into the utility room for continuity of the flooring.

    However - the problem is that the kitchen area is c8m long, with the utility at one end, and the concrete base must slope ever so slightly, because by the time the tiler got to the utility room end, he was packing a huge amount of adhesive, and in some parts, double tiles etc, under the tiles to keep the floor flat where the concrete fell away.

    The concrete base is now about 10mm from the bottom of the tiles where I need to start tiling.

    I don't really fancy buying so much adhesive that it will fill a 10mm gap under the tiles - and would take ages to dry, and probably not be consistent enough to avoid the tiles cracking.

    So my question (and apologies for the length of the explanation), is what shall i put over the concrete slab to lift it 10mm, so that I can then tile on it.

    Screed is one option - but I didn't think you could pour such a thin layer.

    Another option would be to put down some plywood, and perhaps screw it into the concrete floor in a few places.


    All help appreciated

  2. KIAB

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    What size is the area.
  3. steve go

    steve go New Member

    about 3m x 3m
  4. KIAB

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  5. steve go

    steve go New Member

    ok thanks KIAB

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