Rear extension on line with drainage

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Adam Harrington, Mar 13, 2019.

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    OP you have got feathers ruffled heer!!

    Going back to your query. You can go back 3m under normal PD or 6m under LRE rules (currently due to expire end of May but expected to be extended) 45 degree doesn't apply to single storey.

    You can build within 3m of a public sewer/drain SW or foul provided you don't load it without involving the WA. BC will be keeping an eye on you and will advise if you need consent from WA. For example I designed a job a couple of years ago where there's a pipe within a couple of feet of the foundation. Snag was it's 3m deep so we had to pile so that no load was applied to the pipe.

    You can move pipes but as said above you pay a fee. You can however normally use your own contractors with WA inspecting. You would probably need 4 chambers by the sound of things and the falls might be an issue.

    Different WAs have different rules about how much pipe you can build over so your best bet is to check their website.
  2. Some really good advise there, thanks!
    So if I was to move it, I’d end up with 4 chambers? The garden is only 8 metres wide haha
  3. All this great advice but so far from the truth. He doesn’t own the pipe so he can not touch it or dig within 3 meters of it unless he gains permission from the water utility company - no if buts or maybe

    You have designed what ever stevie22 read the regulations on sewers and lateral drains

    This is not a drain from his house to a sewer it is connected to other houses taking waste to the sewer and forms part of the sewer that crosses many properties - he cannot touch it or dig within 3 meters of it with out proper authority from the water utility company concerned.

    What is it with this forum
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    It was 20 years ago now but when we had our extension built we discovered the main sewer for the road ran under our drive and through our back garden. It had never been put on the drawings the council used. Thames Water was really helpful. Yes, it cost but they provided the spec to 'Bridge' over the sewer and supervised the work. All sorted in about 3 weeks.
  5. I’ve bridged over some with work before but this is a little awkward as the line of the pipe runs all way across where the footing would be.
    I’m sure the person who will be doing the plans will know, as it’s on the limit of the 3m permitted development I might end up having to have planning permission to sort it.
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    The permitted development rules are not completely restricted to 3m as steveie mentioned . speak to your local planning department, as if you can get agreement from your neighbours you can go out further
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    Finally Dave Marques who is speaking from their own experience is actually talking and giving the REAL FACTS to Adam Harrington first hand and the circumstances and eventualities of what was required in line with what the regulations talk about and the legal responsibility people have to the water utility companies and pipe work/ sewers that don’t belong to the land owner
    Your post Dave Marques is a breath of fresh air to the original question - take note Adam Harrington and save yourself from potential high legal costs and arbitration from a water utility company?
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    You'll need a build over agreement with your water authority, Thames Water have this paper which sets out all the rules

    The main issue is that foundations need to be at least 500mm away from the sewer pipe, which would likely mean you having to divert the pipe further back away from the extension - if you have the space at each end to divert it.

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