recently fitted upvc windows, little or no reveal showing inside

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  1. Are you sure that 1/3rd will cover replacing the 'silly' windows? Have you actually had an alternative quote to replace all the windows that need replacing? If so, does that come to 1/3rd of the total price?

    You need to be 'straight' here, regardless of how inadequate the company is being. For instance, if what you need and insist on is to have all the 'stupid' windows replaced, then you need to hold back just what it'll take to have that done by another company.

    If, on the other hand, you can live with these silly windows provided they compensate you to some degree, then that sum should be less than the cost of replacing them - it should be a compromise.

    What I hope you won't do is hold back the full amount to replace these windows and then keep them without being replaced. That would be unfair, and you'd be no better than this company. I think it would also leave you vulnerable to being sued by them - and rightly so.

    So I hope you are absolutely clear and fair in what you are saying to them. If so, their choice is simple - agree to sort out "items 1 to 6" as outlined in your letter, or else accept the 2/3rds payment as full and final settlement. (Er, you do have all this in writing, don't you - a list of everything that must be put right before final payment? So that all you need to do is refer to a 'list' and not have to go through it all again...)

    You are not quite back to square one - you hopefully have all this recorded in detail.

    So you need to reply - in writing - that you will only provide full payment when all the issues you have complained about have been put right - you have no interest in them coming it to sort a few minor issues, and you will not provide part-payments for such small issues.

    Add that they have the option to accept the 2/3rds payment as full and final payment and not carry out any more work on your house. Give them a week to reply.
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    Everything is in writing, we have listed the problems, they say that they will only rectify some of them, they have refuted our claim that some windows were wrongly measured will not rectify this, they are only proposing returning for snagging.
    We have itemised the deduction based on the the cost of the work required to make the windows look acceptable.
    This consists of removing and reinstalling windows/door to get a satisfactory/ level fit, re plastering, reinstating a damp course and the cost to us to replace numerous broken bricks and make good.

    As far as we are concerned, even if they returned and put ALL the problems right ( rather than just some as they are proposing) we would still not feel the full amount they are requesting is justifiable. We have had to buy materials and my other half has spent a considerable amount of time making good following their 2 visits as they were happy to leave us with broken bricks, gaping holes and huge gaps under windows, they deemed this as acceptable. We have had weeks of disruption, with work unsatisfactory and unfinished, now they propose they come back in 5 weeks time!
    Is it unreasonable of us to want the work completed in a reasonable time?
  3. Not at all unreasonable.

    What is this 'full amount' they are requesting? Is it more than their original quote? If so, why?

    Are they not going to have to fit smaller windows in some of these openings? If not, how will they make them look 'right'?

    And have you had an alternative quote to sort things to your requirements if this company fails to do so?

    I know it can seem long-winded, but you do need to make sure you handle this correctly, or you'll leave yourself open to being challenged by this company, and possibly being sued for the outstanding amount. Imagine how hellish that would feel...
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    IMG_5631.JPG IMG_5630.JPG IMG_5629.PNG Hi, does anyone know what would cause these fault in a upvc window that's only 4 years old ? Picture one is the seal on the frame were the sash buts up to, when the window is closed the top and bottom of the seal is compressed but in the middle there is a gap where you can hear noise and feel a draft ? The second picture is where the edge of the frame meets the internal wall at the top the gap is far small than then gap at the bottom and causes the gap on the bottom of the sash small at the bottom looks totallyuneven ? Can anyone help.
  5. Only chust seen this post, Potter.

    Really, start a new thread so's you will hopefully get some replies.

    And can you take pics from further back so's we can see the whole window.

    But, a draught/noise from a poorly-sealing window is not acceptable so will almost certainly be covered by the fitter's warranty - which is surely longer than 4 years?
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    Potter6981 gone, last seen Oct 22nd. :(

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