Recommend a Random Orbital Sander

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by homediy, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. homediy

    homediy Guest

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking to buy a good Random Orbital Sander and would appreciate your recommendations on the matter.
    I'm a longterm general diyer an I'm looking for something that will give a good finish and last in the long run.
    Many thanks.
  2. Red Dawn

    Red Dawn New Member

    I always use Bosch, if you want cheap go Bosch Green, if you want heavy duty go Bosch Blue
  3. homediy

    homediy Guest

  4. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I've had a couple of these and while they are good both failed from the drive shaft stripping.
  5. was dunc before

    was dunc before New Member

    I tried the DeWalt D26453-GB. and it seems okay for general lightweight finishing sanding. But if i need to do a lot of removal i use an angle grinder with sanding discs, then finish with the orbital.
  6. homediy

    homediy Guest

    Hi Mate,
    Out of curiosity which are the sanding discs for an angle grinder ?
    I've had a quick browse at the screwfix site and I can only see those for sanding metal surfaces, but not wood. I have a bosch PWS 650 angle grinder.
  7. was dunc before

    was dunc before New Member

  8. getroofingquotes

    getroofingquotes New Member

  9. homediy

    homediy Guest

  10. was dunc before

    was dunc before New Member

    Yes you need the backing pad.  Have a Ronseal moment. They are designed for steel.
  11. Jcacob

    Jcacob New Member

    Well I’ve had a past model Bosch 4″ unique orbital sander for 4 or 5 years, now and it still performs as well as the day I purchased it. Granted I don’t use it day in and day out, but still going powerful after several huge tasks.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2014
  12. joiner1959

    joiner1959 Active Member

    I normally use a Bosch Blue RO sander but as its in for repair I purchased a Titan model from screwfix to use until the Bosch is repaired. I have to say this is the first Titan product I have bought and was surprised at how well it performed. Yes it is heavier than the Bosch and vibrates a little more but for occasional use at £40 quid its worth a look. Not sure about its life span though.
  13. jhon Devid

    jhon Devid New Member

    You can find out the internet many shopping sites are available now, but there are many friends give you very good suggestions and ideas, Best of luck dear.
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