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    Hi All,

    I'm looking to install a CCTV system for my home, am a bit confused as to what's out there as I am not familiar with most of the brands out in the market and what they can offer in terms of security features..

    These camera's would be for outdoors, the front entrance, on either sides of the house and one looking into the garden.

    I hear wireless camera's are not the best, compared to wired. I really wouldn't want to compromise when it comes to home security, so any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated, specially if you have already installed and happy with your home security system.

    Thank you all . .
  2. blarblarblarblar

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    I have a 4 channel Hikvision, no issues with it can view on the phone and pretty good quality picture. I have 5 mp cameras, with a 1 tb recorder.

    If I was buying again I would go for higher pixel camera and 2+tb recorder, buy the best you can afford.
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    KEEPGREEN New Member

    Thank you very much for your advice , much appreciated .
  4. techie

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    I prefer ip cameras, also Hikvision. We have 5 around our yard with a dedicated pc to run them, running storage on a Buffalo server with BlueIris software.
    It just works.....

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