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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by BFO, Sep 30, 2011.

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    A bit of a silly question I know but I'm just wondering what exactly are the differences between Red Diesel and regular Diesel? Why is one domestic but not the other? I found some info on this blog *, but it doesn't go into specific detail. Do they have a different make up? Is it dangerous to swap them round?

    Curious Wanderer

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  2. gadget man

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    As far as I know there is no difference between Red Diesel or regular, apart from dye being added to red.....Red Diesel is for use on plant machinery (cranes, compressors, JCB stuff etc) which spend most of the time on site and not on the road so don't contribute to road erosion. Regular diesel on the other hand is used in HGV and other commercial vehicles, and as we know over the last few years, more and more 'family cars' have diesel engines, so therefore spend all the time on the roads.
  3. gadget man

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    Just thought I'd add that Red Diesel will work perfectly well in a 'family car' but because it's duty free it costs a fraction of the regular diesel price. So if you are caught using Red Diesel in your car, you will have your * severely kicked by Customs and Excise.

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  4. johnlocks

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    red diesel is duty free green diesel is taxed
  5. Besides heavy fines for using red diesel, you can have your vehicle confiscated, and the ministry do quite a few road side tests and dip your tanks.
  6. joinerjohn1

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    Can also be detected at aorund 0.5 parts per per million. Or put another way, you could put a few drops in a full tank of regular diesel and it would be detectable
  7. BFO, Yes all the above are correct. For industrial use such as on a farm or construction site or machinery inside a factory, there is no duty to be paid on the diesel, so it is supplied at around 25p/l. This deisel is identified by dying it red and is supplied to the user by plant hire companies.

    As explained the silly people who think they will save money use the cheap version in their vehicles on the road -and get caught, are indeed in trouble as all the tax will then have to be paid! yikes...
  8. nsm1982

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    what about using used veg oil to keep the costs down 20 quid of diesel and 20 quid of oil no problem in our van just smells a bit like a chip van starts ok bit lumy to start but then no problem when warm
  9. Tembo11

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    The fuel injectors on certain vehicle do not like veg oil due to it not having the same "lubricating properties" as diesel
    Check first
  10. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Have you noticed how much vegetable oil has gone up in price in the last few years?  Although it's still cheaper than buying diesel. As nsm says, it's fine when warm. I have seen some kits where the oil is heated before going to the injectors, fitted to cars. ;)
  11. andy m

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    Got caught using red a few years ago, roadside dip on a Sunday. Had a on the spot fine for £500.00 there and then. Paid on the spot otherwise the van would have been impounded.;)
  12. Jeepers, have you ever heard of anybody being stopped driving a diesel and having the tank checked? I certainly haven't.

    I'd suggest that, for the average punter driving the average car on average journeys, the chances are infinitesimally small. However, if you have any obvious contacts with farms or industrial plant, then I'd have thought the likelihood would increase greatly. Or, if a jealous neighb/friend suspects and fancies tipping off the authorities.

    I wouldn't condone such a thing as it's tax-evasion. However, with a cheapo, worthless diesel it might be worth it...
  13. gadget man

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    Sorry to say, Dev's, but I was stopped about 12 years ago. Needless to say I wasn't using red diesel, and they (C&E) let me go on my merry way.
  14. joinerjohn1

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    DA, you'd be surprised at the amount of vehicles stopped by police and D.O.T each year for checks on fuel. Nowadays, it's not just lorries, coaches and vans they pull over. They know there's a lot of diesel fueled cars too and are just as eager to catch these.
  15. Oops, sorry - didn't see your replies, gents.

    Ok, scary
  16. removed 7

    removed 7 New Member

    Better late than never, I suppose.......

    Lucia x
  17. normabram

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    Yeah red diesel. The epiphany for all farmers pan uk.  It's all part of the farmer scam like being paid for leaving fields "fallow". I know one of these, he's got a disabled ticket, but can still drive his tractor, his hi-lift, his Range Rover, his Land Rover and God knows what else.  The RR has a duty free tax disc, the LR has a duty free tax disc, the tractor and other kit are are agricultural vehicles so get no tax anyway.  Take your pick on what uses what!   And by the way, when he goes to hospital, the ambulance takes him!

    I don't know but if it's sunny it's not raining and crops will suffer, and prices will rise!

    I don't know either but if it's raining, crops will suffer, and prices will rise!

    The rules about RRs an LRs regarding a tax disc are there for the looking on line!  And it says that "if the vehicle is generally only used for short journeys on local roads around the farm, then no tax is due"!  Or words to that effect!

    Get stuck in Lincolnshire behind a leviathon with big punchy tyres costing more than your average house and being driven by a poor disabled farmer or his family, just be content that you are helping him pay for his red diesel so that you can pay for his financial escalation of the product you buy!  Bought any brocolli lately?

  18. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    No Norma, I have not bought any Brocoli lately. SHOULD I?
  19. samcutche

    samcutche New Member

    It's just the color but no difference.
  20. teabreak

    teabreak Screwfix Select

    Broccoli!!:eek: I'd rather drink red diesel;);)

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