Reinforcing floor in the eaves

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Max.C., Nov 26, 2018.

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    We've just bought our first house and are currently refurbishing our attic bedroom. It's a Victorian terrace. It's been a bedroom since before we/previous owners have lived there, but it was very boxed in. We're taking the eaves back so we have more space up there, but the floor in the eaves has not been reinforced. There are about 1.5 meters at each side which is not reinforced. What is the best way to reinforce this? We'd rather not pull up the whole floor to do so!


  2. Max.C.

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    What makes me think they are not reinforced is we found this note stapled to a beam (see photo below). I've also added a photo of what the floor looks like.

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    The label is from the loft insulation company and they stick them everywhere.

    The exposed joists in the picture aren't designed to hold much weight. They would be ok to board over and used to store some lightweight items.

    With the restricted headroom and limited use you will get from the space, it will be difficult to bulk up the joists economically without pulling up a lot of what is there already

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