Reinstalling a chimney breast

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by buildup2020, Mar 6, 2020.

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    The two chimney breasts in my house were removed many years ago. All that's left is the hearth in the lounge (purely decorative) and unfortunately, two incorrectly supported breasts in the loft, plus the two shared stacks.

    SE and builder have given us an initial assessment but access and age of the property are likely to make steel or wood supports unviable and we can't use gallows. Hence the idea came up of propping them up from below by putting the breasts back in.

    Has anybody else ever done this? We don't want the fireplaces back, but to maybe integrate the new breasts into fitted storage for example. Any suggestions as to how it might be conceived and constructed? Brick? Breezeblock? Steel uprights? I understand from the SE that it wouldn't require party wall consent as we would not be adding a load to the walls.

    Many thanks for your advice.
  2. stevie22

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    Quickest and cleanest option would be steel posts which could then be incorporated into a unit of some kind.

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