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    Nice post Filly me lad. I don't think that DA realised that 90% of the bailout actually kept French and German banks afloat. perhaps Mother Theresa of Berlin knows this and realises that if Greece fails, some of her own banks will fail.. Something the German voting public would never forgive her for. ;);)

  2. And of course you then accept that austerity here in blighty is all down to the refinancing of our banks that we are all paying for to let them make profits.

    And brexit is likely to force us to lower our banking regulations to that of the USA to keep them competitive.

    Want to forsee the likely result?
  3. Nice post, indeed, Filly.

    Except you haven't addressed the obvious question - what would have happened if the debts had simply been 'substantially written off as most other countries and the IMF had wanted'? As you assert.

    What does 'substantially' mean. It sounds good - it sounds 'nice'. It's as tho' it's actually saying something.

    And are you sure, absolutely certain, that is what 'they wanted'? Or was it perhaps, for example, just a longer repayment period for Greece?

    So, you haven't explored the consequences of the alternative outcomes, and you have been pretty loose in your essential claim.

    That is why being so Trumpy with your 'facts' makes your post 'nice' but not worth entering in to a discussion with - it is pointless. Like PJ's.

    (Whale sandwich - lol...)
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  4. Isitreally

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    How can you say Filly post is pointless.??
    Granted it only offers one side of the argument, but why are you asking him to offer the other side, surely that's your opportunity to offer that and show us all what would have happened.
    Trouble is you can't because it didn't, so we end up with what we've got and as Filly pointed out its not really in Greece's favour is it, their hardship is Germany Banks saviour.

  5. As is ours
  6. Isitreally

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    "As is ours" What???

    Problems maybe.

    So Germany are the route of all our problems!!!!!
  7. By 'pointless' I mean it's pointless entering in to a discussion with them. You could argue that the posts themselves do have as much 'point' as any other of their posts.

    A few highly-selective claims and then they sit back with a "There - tell me it ain't so".

    Followed by the usual back-slapping from the rest of the u-s. Completely missing the unintentional irony in their replies :).

  8. I think you have the point exactly.

    Germany is not the route of all our problems. Austerity, if you are not aware of the issues.

    So, are we making it better or worse by brexit do you think? Think of bank regulations etc?
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    DA, the IMF amongst others wanted a "substantial write off" of Greece's debt.. Do you think they didn't explore the consequences of a write off ? (or do you consider your opinion better than that of the IMF?)
  10. Isitreally

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    No disrespect but judging by the IMF past failing on predictions of what would happen if!!!

    I'd take almost anybody opinion over theirs.
  11. joinerjohn1

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    Except DA's I hope. :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
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    Read an article in the Guardian before, DA does, and you'll be one step ahead of his opinion.:D
  13. fillyboy

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    And two steps ahead of Jack.
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  14. Yep, cos im now a mail reader
  15. longboat

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    Tut, tut. I don't read the mail, its normally someone asking for money so I chuck it in the bin.
    I make an exception if 'readers digest' is printed on the front telling me I've won a competition that I didn't enter.
  16. Political acumen and wit? I'm outta here.

    (The whale sandwich had me on the floor, but the 'mail' killed me).

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