Relaxing central heating boiler

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    You can easily obtain the part on amazon or eBay
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    Baxi 552 pilot burner
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    There are many ways to fit boilers, some will allow the same boiler to be configured many different ways. The flue can be balanced i.e. large hole in wall, although today much smaller which means it draws combustion air from outside so less drafts in the house, and no worry with tumble driers and bath rooms fans blowing air out side, but can still use open flue, bad name really, open flue means it draws combustion air from the room.

    The big difference with modern boilers is they condense the vapour in the flue gases, and gain the latent heat as a result, to do this the return water needs to be cool enough, so the boiler and turn down the output, (modulate) and the flow of water is critical so radiators have thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) and there is a by-pass valve so as the TRV closes the by-pass opens sending hotter water back to boiler which in turn means the boiler output modulates.

    However once down to minimum it starts to cycle off/on and unless some thing added it would switch off/on all summer, so a wall thermostat is often still used, but it's job is not to control the room temperature but to switch off the system in the summer, so located in a cool room with no alternative heating or outside door (in theory).

    There are other methods of control, you can get modulating thermostat, but it means an over sized boiler is bad as it can't turn down low enough, and your existing thermostat may not be in the right place, that also means wiring not in the right place, wireless can help, but what I am saying so much depends on access to pipes and wires, and even what the space is used for.

    I fitted a direct water heater for domestic hot water (before the combi came out) so I could alter the airing cupboard and make it into a bedroom. Now kids grown up it's an office, but it all needs to be considered, my parents moved from solid fuel to gas central heating and then upgraded the central heating when the header tank started to leak, and both times it was major disruption with floor boards lifted to re-route pipes.

    So it's stick pin in yellow pages heating engineer pages and hope you get a good one, and let them advise, well personally I find pub better than yellow pages.
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    Mike thanks, that's marvellous and good of you to look.
    MGW, much appreciated.
    My wife and I have lots to think about.

    Where's the crystal ball ?
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    Many times found on here.
    Just listen to the suggestions given, then you have to make your mind up, after all the facts have been given.

    So if you need more info, just ask.
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    Thinking out the box !
    Look up, amp tec boilers, electric boiler !

    less cost to install, no service required, safe, 100% efficient, silent, almost diy, (after gas fitter made safe existing system)

    higher cost to run,

    I have installed them, and customers were quite happy !

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    Forgot to say, no flue required !
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    Just altered it a bit for you.......
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    Thanks. I'm delighted I found this site. People have been helpful and courteous. Well done Screwfix for setting it u
    Thanks. Will give it some thought.
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    It's a 12 kW boiler, but it consumes 18kW of gas. So 1/3 of your money is going straight up the chimney, not heating the house.

    I would guess that you have four to five rads, which will add up to 8kW. The smallest combi is about 24kW - required to heat the domestic hot water - but it will produce a lower output (down to about 6kW) for central heating.

    As Baxi Boy says, a conventional system with HW cylinder and immersion heater provides standby hotn water if the boiler breaks down. You ca also install a much smaller boiler, say 12kW, as you are not heating the domestic hot water instantly.

    Do you have an airing cupboard housing the hot water cylinder? You may be able to install a system or heat only boiler there. You could also use the cellar, but this may require a special pump to dispose of the condensate liquid. Access to an outside wall or the roof is also required for the flue.

    Lastly, the pilot burner is still available; e.g DHS Spares Search for Baxi/Bermuda/675/W
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    Thanks, I value the information and am sincerely grateful to people taking the time and trouble to share their knowledge.
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    As I was advised you can get the parts. Engaged another gas engineer. When he serviced the boiler took off a cover plate I d never seen removed before. He cleaned everything thoroughly and fitted a couple of new parts.
    Everything now working perfectly and no mention of thinking about new boiler.
    Wonder what I paid, never cheap, for in the past ?
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    Keep his number for the future.
    Seems a decent bloke.
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    Absolutely right. He was also pleasant and professional. Left him a 5 star review. People can be ready to complain and I always say give praise where it's due.

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