Remove gloss paint out of stone?

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    Mrs painted our wooden fire surround and spilt some gloss paint on the Indian stone..she tried cleaning off with white spirit but it's just spread the stain.

    Best way to tackle it?...... I'm thinking it might be easier to just buy a black paint?.... If so what type?...

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. Could try cellulose thinners?
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  3. Astramax

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    As the hearth has already been painted it would not be a loss to re-paint it with a concrete floor/garage floor paint with a matt or semi gloss/satin finish, black masonry paint would be ok for a matt finish.
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    Wouldn't that create a unnatural skin on the top of the stone though?

    What about if I watered the paint down with while spirit?..... I'm also thinking some type of black oil type liquid would soak into the stone turning the soaked up paint black....

    At the end of the day I want to get it right first time, so looking for subtle options, even if I have to do 2-3 coats
    Any help is appreciated

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    The spilt paint has now sealed the surface so oil would be unlikely to penetrate into the stone. Bedec Barn paint is worth a look in a matt finish, go to Brewers Decorating Merchants and ask for a free sample size, thin it slightly with water (10%) and you will have more than enough to do the job.

    Tip of the day...when decorating put down dustsheets for protection. ;)
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    Post #2 suggested cellulose thinners, this would be worth a go but protect the carpets and the painted fireplace surround. Put it on with a small paint brush and work into the stone in all directions with a wooden fingernail brush (cellulose will melt plastic) mopping up as you go and then apply some more and so on, this technique used when stripping paint from open grained wood such as oak and has a reasonable success.
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  7. Good advice Astra, cellulose thinners will strip almost anything, including the skin from your hands. If you have a cold, it'll clear your sinuses too (and pickle your brain in the process)!!
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