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    I would like to fit an internal drawer. I am a few mm short on space, so was hoping to lower the draw box on the drawer front and the runners.

    I have watched how to assemble howden pan drawers, but wondered if anybody had a knack of removing the side supports which are push fit into screwed in cups on the drawer front.

    it looks like need lots of force to get them in, wondered if I could remove to lower them? See photos below. I don’t want to use too much force and pull screws out of drawer front.



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  2. kitfit1

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    If memory serves me correctly, turn the metal connector in pic 2 anticlockwise until it comes out. Inside the plastic fitting left on the draw front is a screw, just undo it and the plastic fitting will be free.
    There is also another type where the plastic fitting is locked into place when the side supports are at 90% to the draw front. If that is what you have, turn the side support to 45% and pull the plastic fitting out of the draw front.
  3. Sarah73

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    I have taken off the metal rod, it is a push fitting into the plastic cup from the assembly videos I have watched. It needs lots of force to connect according to videos so not sure whether I will be able to remove it without damaging draw front. Not sure whether to try lubricate it or leaver it with small screw driver?

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