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    I'm renovating my house and have a small boiler and an immersion heater. I need to maintain hot water for taps but want to remove the tanks in the loft for loft conversion. Heating is not an issue, I can do without. I'm intending to fit a combi boiler later on but don't want to do it before the loft conversion as id have to pay for it to be fitted twice and it would be running through very old pipes etc. Is there a way to rig up something to connect directly to mains pressure and vent it outside or something? Thanks

    P.s I'm no plumber so go easy on me
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    I was in a similar situation when I renovated a rental home that I bought a few years ago. I bought a 12 kW instant water heater and installed it as the only source of hot water. It only cost about £80, and worked extremely well.
    The renovation took much longer than expected (I decided to add a full extension on the back), so it remained in service for most of the 18 months. It was used every day by a builder I had living in the house during the renovation, which proves that it worked well and lasted well.
    I ended up leaving it in the house as a backup for if the gas fired boiler ever fails and the tenants need hot water.
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