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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by azizrasul, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. azizrasul

    azizrasul Member

    I have purchased a retracting tool to remove pushfit connectors but for the life of me can't remove them? Can't find a youtube video which demonstrates this either. Help.
  2. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    push the release tool so it's fully flush to the back of the fitting - then pull - they all work on the same general principle

  3. Hi Aziz.

    It's definitely the type of push-fit that has a retaining ring showing immediately around the pipe as it goes into the fitting? A wee collar that might be sticking out a couple of mm? On some 'push-fit' fittings you actually have to unscrew and dismantle the end parts to release the pipe.

    Ok, assuming that you do have a 'press-collar-to-release type', then I'm sure you've been doing the right thing but they can sometimes be reluctant to come apart. Slip release tool over pipe - with sticky-out collar of the tool obviously facing the pipe fitting. Slide it up, and then try and position the actual fitting body in your palm with your two 'main' fingers (the ones you mostly gesticulate with... :rolleyes:) going over the tool's two 'handles'.

    You need to try and keep it all steady and all dead straight - sometimes tricky, as you may find you are putting a bending force on the pipe and/or tool as you squeeze. Look closely at the fitting's collar - is it definitely going in? It only goes in a couple of mm, so not very noticeable. Ok, try some squeeze-release, squeeze-release movements with your fingers.

    One good squeeze, hold, grab the pipe shoogle it in and out a wee bit - and then make sure you are pulling it out dead straight.

    Success! Except you forgot to turn off the water.
  4. Bludy Sean - he sits there waiting for me to almost post, and then he, he... oh, I give up...

    (My 'advice' above is not based on the type that's in the video - it's for an earlier type where you have to squeeze and hold the tool in place as you release the pipe...)
  5. Ooh - never seen that exact type before, Sean. Must rush out and buy one...
  6. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    a picture paints 321 words
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  7. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    it's just a Hepkey - buy a few fittings and they'll give you one - buy a pack and there's a release key included
  8. You chust won't believe the picture I'm painting right now... :mad:
  9. azizrasul

    azizrasul Member

    Sorry, I should have mentioned that the pushfits I was referring to were the copper pushfits.

    Do the above comments still apply. I can't see the video at work now but will when I get home.
  10. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    it's the same general principle - what make are your fittings ?
  11. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    there are all sorts of pushfit fitting,,,

  12. The most common is probably Conex 'Cuprofits'. In which case my description - all 321 words of it - is the one to go with... :rolleyes:
  13. azizrasul

    azizrasul Member

    I bought them from B & Q. They come in packets of 5 and it says Plumb on the top left of the packaging.
  14. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    get thee behind me satan,,,,,go to B+Q forum and see who helps there,<< only joking>>:oops:

    thats probably poly plumb, they are non dissmountable, :( unless you know how to , I feel another video coming on,;)
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  15. Non dismountable?

  16. azizrasul

    azizrasul Member

    I guess I bought the wrongs uns then. What make should I have used?
  17. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    worry not aziz, is there summut wrong with that word Mr Dev's????o_O

  18. NOOOOOO! I was expressing surprise that there were some push-fits that you couldn't take apart, that's all :).

    Mr Plum, I'd never have a go at your spells and gramer - I gave up a long time ago ;)
  19. malkie129

    malkie129 Screwfix Select

  20. tom.plum

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