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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by PHILPH, Nov 24, 2010.


    PHILPH Member


    I wonder if anyone could advise?

    I'm trying to remove a border that was put up with Solvite border adhesive a few years ago, however it's being a right pain to remove.

    The actual border has come off O.K. however it's left backing paper and when Ive tried to remove that it's been nearly impossible.

    I soaked the backing paper but it's made the adhesive very tacky. Ive tried washing it off with warm water and fairy liquid and tried sugar soap to no avail, I wish now I had just left the backing paper and put the new border on top of that.

    Does anyone know what else I could try?

  2. potty painter

    potty painter New Member

    Hello Phil.

    A little late perhaps yet may be for future reference. Border adhesive often called overlapp is more of a glue rather than a paste, when it becomes tacky you will need to remove it with a quality broad edged scraper.and this may need more than one attempt.

    Once again sorry for the late reply I have only been back in the Country around 60 hours, still tired. This forum has changed has it not.

    Take care

  3. apl

    apl Member

    Hi Potty,

    Good to see you back on the new forum mate, not heard out off you for a good while and was wondering if everything was ok. I guess you've been busy. New forum takes a bit of getting used to but I think it's changed for the better. I hope a few more of the old forum regulars come back though.

    Take it easy mate
  4. potty painter

    potty painter New Member

    Cheers mate.

    Had a lot to put up with past few Months, so me and Mrs P decided to take a break. everything ok now though hope both you and family are keeping well.

    You all take care

  5. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Had this problem myself a few weeks ago, only managed to shift it using a glue dissolver/remover, a paint stripper would have probably been just as good. Downside was it also softened the emulsion under the adhesive, so after suitable preparations I lined out the entire room as I felt this was the easiest way to make a decent finished job.

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