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    I would like to build decent storage in my attic that can take more weight than Xmas decorations. I intend to build a structure off of the walls of the floor below.

    I would like to increase the height of the insulation at the same time.

    The current insulation is a mess and I would like to get rid of it.

    I know the idea is to just add more insulation on top of existing but it's all varying depth and material.

    I'd like to strip it out and replace it with 100mm base and then 170mm over the top layed perpendicular.

    It appears to be a reasonable job but I would like some advice regarding the safety.

    I intend to mask up with a P3 mask and full suit and black bag the current insulation.

    Obviously asbestos is a consideration but I don't have any belief there is any.

    All input appreciated.






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    I frequently take over insulation given away by people like you through Freecycle or Freegle, and it works just as well as if I had bought it new from my local building supplier.
    Insulation doesn't rot, it doesn't stop insulating, it just gets a bit dusty and occasionally someone drops some sawdust or a few nails or screws into it, such that it no longer looks shiny and new.
    I encourage you to reuse the existing insulation and just add to it with more (which can be new or recycled).
    From an environmental point of view, adding perfectly good insulation to our already full landfills just doesn't seem very responsible.Therefore, if you do intend getting rid of your old insulation, please consider advertising it on Freecycle and Freegle (or even GumTree at £0). That way, someone else can use it and do their bit to help reduce waste.

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