Removing Chimneys down to tile level and tiling over, will it cause damp? Fair price?

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    The property is very early 1900's and both of the chimneys stacks are on a gable end and currently rendered but it is all falling off.

    I have had a quote for removing the chimneys down to roof level and then tilling over. My concern is if you tile over there will be no airflow and it might cause dampness on the inside chimney stack which runs through both bedrooms and downstairs rooms. In one room the chimney breast is bricked up at the bottom and in the other, I have put a piece of wood in to block it up. Should I be concerned tiling over will cause dampness on the chimney stack in the rooms?

    The options I have are as follows:

    Remove both chimneys tile over - £1400
    Take rendering off chimneys and render again - £1500
    Build both chimneys from tile level up again - £2,700

    What would be the best option and are these prices fair for east midlands?

    The other concern I have is if it devalues the property removing chimneys but I doubt it in this day and age?

    Appreciate any help or recommendations.

    Thank you!
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