Removing Fire Back and Supporting epic lintel

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by ljdiy48, May 19, 2020.

  1. ljdiy48

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    So Started knocking out old fireplace and found the original lintel. It's huge. Keen to keep this as a feature (plaster into this but that's irrelevant).

    Need advice regarding removing the fire back. Does the lintel look soundly supported? Is there anything I should think about before starting (minus the noise complaints) :)?

    The concrete hearth is crumbling - looks like previous owner poured it themselves. Is it acceptable to break it up myself as a DIY-er? Or better to leave this to a professional? This room is above a cellar so suspended timber floor adds another challenge. Evidence that this used to have a gas fire on it as pipe coming through floor. It's capped but will be sure to get it confirmed that the supply is off before any further demolition.

    Any advice, observations or recommendations greatly appreciated.

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  2. Nev Hope

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    You lucky sod, even the original brickwork is in excellent condition, nice find. The lintel looks more than capable, just be prepared for the dust when you take the hearth out and please consider exposing the rest of breast, that’s to good to hide :)

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