Removing freestanding cooker and fitting built in oven -- DIY

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by clifford83, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. clifford83

    clifford83 New Member

    I also will need some panel to go below the oven when i fit it. And also the plinth/kick panel. It may get costly..eeek. Im in bedfordshire.
  2. clifford83

    clifford83 New Member

    I found a plinth in travis perkins for £18 in a glossy white, i think it will be a close ish match. If so, i can do the plinth/kick plate with it as that is only 1.6m required. So i have 1m to play with. That'll get the gaps between the oven unit sorted, another gap i need to sort out on the other end of the kitchen and the actual plinth itself!. It probably wont be enough for a panel below the oven, If thats the case i'd just have to get another for £18 as its not too bad of a price.

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