Removing old botched base, and levelling

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    Hi guys,

    So, basically we have an old concrete base that’s only a few inches thick, set upon what looks like a bunch of bricks underneath. It was here when we moved into the house, and is clearly a botched job of sorts.

    I’m looking for some advice on removing this concrete base, and levelling that section of ground out. It’s a sloped area, but not too sloped? Hence the elevated platform. Hopefully the picture does it justice! But basically, assume little to no knowledge here and help me out with the following??

    How would I go about removing that concrete?

    And how do I make what’s left afterwards, level to the same angle the garden is already at?? Is there a tool or is it just putting some weed membrane down and some soil and making it level by eye?

    On a side note, if any landscapers are out there, if you think I’m going about this the wrong way, what would you suggest I do with this **** show to make it look like an actual garden?! We are stuck on ideas on what to do due to our lack of knowledge but eager and no stranger to manual labour! Help please :) D3A457FF-6FB8-4D26-AEF0-B2A4D7CEA92F.jpeg
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    ginger tuffs Screwfix Select

    use a pick to lift put a brick under where you have lifted and hit will large hammer it will crack like glass into small pieces when remove
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