Removing old tile cemented to a tile lip.

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    So, my mother wanted a new bathroom look (this new acrylic stuff that clicks together) and I get the message that half the tiles have been chiseled off but there were tougher tiles.
    I got some of the tougher tiles using a multi tool a cold chisel and hammer then came up on a wall where I was removing maybe one tile every fifteen minutes.
    The builders had put a tile lip on (all around) but removing tiles from this wall had to have been the worst, they wouldn't budge, after about half an hour of bashing and banging I got two tiles off, they were cemented on to the tile lip.
    Her bathroom designer (who she keeps calling a joiner, though unless I'm mistaken is more of a woodworker who does support beams in housing, etc. I hope she hasn't hired some cowboy; I'll make sure she knows that she should pay when she sees progress and work done of in doubt, rather than paying end of day for work that may be poorly done.
    But, back on topic, something had to be done about this wall and the builder said to take as much as possible off and he would skim any spots where it was uneven.
    This wall would have taken a week of manual labour so I (well my mother and I, it is her house, I live elsewhere) got an SDS drill (One of the Titan ones from screwfix, came with a heap of masonry bits, and 3 chisels. Puts my cordless "hammer drill" to shame.
    Anyway I get to removing the tiles and the tile lip, first with a chisel that came with the drill then a (£20 bleeding quid) offset tile chisel as the drill was up against the wall.
    Unfortunately the people previously working in this house were working for a half blind old lady so it's patch job over patch job, I was even finding old wooden Rawlplugs. Some of the tile lip came off easy and some of it took the plaster off, some of the plaster came right off exposing the mesh underneath (there were 3 layers of plaster, the tile lip, the plaster and then a third layer under the plaster, it looks like it's been patched before); I tried to retain as much of the original plaster as possible popping the tile lip off as asked but ended up exposing a fair bit (~25%) I would put some of this down to my inexperience with SDS chiselling and some down to the "shoddy workmanship" (quoted from the guy who will be doing the bathroom) I assume this mesh can be "skimmed" as he (as I'm told) said and the new clip on tile like stuff added over or has the wall been wrecked?

    I probably should have asked this first before chiseling away with the new SDS drill.

    Not sure whether this should be in Tiler's talk or elsewhere. If it should be elsewhere, let me know; I'll delete the thread (if possible) and repost.

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