Removing stud wall to open up staircase

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by DIYisaddictive, May 2, 2018.

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    Hi all, so looking for some help really, recently bought a house and the staircase is quite dark as doesnt have windows etc, so what i want to do is to remove the wall that separates the staircase from the dining room, the wall is a stud wall etc, i will add some pictures to show what i mean. Is there anything i should be checking for? Or is it ok to rip out? 20180502_113457.jpg 20180502_113141.jpg 20180502_113129.jpg 20180502_113120.jpg
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    That sloping wall? It certainly won't be structural beyond the bottom section, and possibly not even there - but you will need to check that bottom bit adjacent to the door frame.

    The sloping side can come out - there is no way that's holding up anything since it's attached to the stair stringer. But there may be a post/stud which is structural on that bottom bit next to the door - the bit that goes from floor to ceiling. There's a good chance that is helping to support the upper floor landing, especially since it's alongside the open stairwell part.

    So, think about whether you'll be happy with only that sloping side bit removed from the actual staircase, or will you want it all out. If the latter, then you may need to have a contingency plan in place - a builder who will add a beam across the top or similar.
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    It's not load bearing, so it can be ripped out CAREFULLY, BUT, removing the wall also takes away a fire barrier separating the living room from the stairwell, so in event of a fire it would spread very quickly. Building Control more than likely wouldn't allow you to do it, but it's your house.
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    DIYia, are you planning to take out that door as well?

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