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Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Lucky, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    Hello Fellas

    Got a Renault Trafic 53 Plate 1.9 Diesel , She does`nt want to start today , plenty of Battery Power & Diesel, Does`nt even try to fire up , Odd thing happened in the week , Went to start her , she fired up , but when I pressed on the Accerlerator she stayed on low revs ie Tickover , after 10 or so seconds it cleared up and revved as Normal and was fine all day , Now she does`nt want to play at all.

    Had the RAC out but he could`nt get his Lappy to link up to the Van diagnostics etc , So it looks like a Tug ( :)

    Any clues fellas ???

  2. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    PS - No nast bangs before she stopped playing ball , And she`s only done 55k and is looked after !!

  3. mrtutz

    mrtutz Member

    Will it turn over?
  4. supachip

    supachip New Member

    It could be your glow plugs. Have they ever been changed i have changed mine today syptoms sound like glowplugs cold wearther ect.
  5. Bassrock

    Bassrock New Member

    than 54 plate diesels OBD compliant, hence inability to connect)

    Any other warning lights illuminating dashboard !

    However, if once started vehicle performs ok throughout rest of day and then returns to non starting etc...

    This would tend me also to focus in the direction of the glow plugs.

    Still baffled why RAC didn't check them out, an amp clamp meter and a few voltage check should have pointed in that direction.

    Check for rust loose connections etc..,
    Anyway, your plugs should draw 16 amps each (12v) (on switch on) (ish Ok they vary) so if you use an amp clamp meter round the first cable in the glow plug chain, when you switch on you should see circa 64 amps on meter, try googling testing glow plugs, hope this helps.
  6. Bassrock

    Bassrock New Member


    Is it me or does anyone else loose text from paragraphs !!!

    Anyway lost text from first para:

    Only diesels equal to or greater thsn a 54 plate ....
  7. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    No warning lights coming up , Will turn over very well , I doubt it`s the Glow Plugs cos there has never seemingly been a drop off in Cold Starting it`s just gone overnight

    I`ve been pointed to problems with the High Pressure injection system either blocked or 1 of the many Sensors gone faulty , Still get the tow in tomorrow from RAC, Then watch my Bank Balance drain etc ...

    Loaded the Kit I need into old faithful Toyota 2.4 Diesel Surf 1992 !!!! starts every day come rain or shine ! So she`ll be the Work bus for a day or two !

    Cheers Fellas

  8. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Ice in the fuel pipes(water in the fuel). :)

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  9. mot4321

    mot4321 New Member

    Difficult to advice on starting problem, could be number of things, immobilizer, tdc sensor, fuel pressure etc, but the problem you had the other day when van wouldnt rev up was almost certainly a throttle pedal fault and will probably happen more often from now on so change it before it lets you down, I've changed many of them not only on Renault's but ford's as well, but never seen it cause a non start, so good luck with the staring fault hope the bill wont be to painful
  10. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    Update :- ...........

    Got the fekker hooked up at the INDEPENDANT Garage :-

    Crankshaft Sensor - faulty
    Camshaft Sensor - faulty

    Total ..... £188 fitted , plus other checks , will update you all if that`s it.

    Apparently these faults are common on this Engine/Model.

  11. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    Ah well , The Sensors were changed and that sorted the Starting Problem ,

    Also booked it in for a Service and Cambelt job , so that`s another £400 down the swanneee !

    Got a call today , all Pads and Discs are in need of replacement !!!!! So I now feel like jumping off a Bridge ! , How is it when you get a few decent jobs in (and paid) the Money never seems to stick ?

    Currently looking at a Bill of £1400 ,,,,,, if the * calls me back again , I`ll be telling to keep the Van :(


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  12. Lucky

    Lucky New Member

    Ah well , if ANYBODY asks me is the Renault Trafic any good guess what my reply will be ............

    Update on a 53 plate van 57k!! on the clock

    coming back from a job today , Jumped out of 6th Gear in the fast lane of the M60 , Tried to put it back onto Gear , and I got some nice cunchy sounds (£) , Got off M-Way now only got 3rd & reverse (nice)

    off to Garage again , I spend that much time there I`ll be given a Clock-Card there soon !!


    Ps - I`ll you keep you all updated , any chance of a "Whip-Round" ??
  13. palatine

    palatine New Member

    More chance of the Renault starting.

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