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    I have a red brick retaining wall running the width of my garden, it is only about 1.5ft high. I am looking to redo the patio / wall but need it to be as cost-effective as poss. The brick wall is mostly sound, there are a couple of bits where the top brick has crumbed, but the main wall is ok.
    A few people have suggested rendering the wall rather than the expense of replacing it, but I am nervous it will be a waste of money as the render will blow. I have read loads of different views and techniques and am now just confused. from what I have read:
    • Basically any advice would be appreciated, sorry there are so many questions
  2. If the drainage behind the wall isnt to good you will have problems with bricks or render blowing.

    If rendering, mix up a SBR slurry mix, ie with cement dust to a thick paintable slurry, apply to wall then while its still tacky apply a scratch coat of sand/cement at 4 to 1.
    Top/float coat mix at 5 to 1, add plasticiser to each mix.
    Fit a bell cast bead about 100mm from the floor and coping stones to finish.

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