Rendering smooth lightweight blocks

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by 14th edition, Oct 12, 2017.

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    We are building and extension and its lightweight ytong's on both leaves. Although they are not really smooth there is no scratching was you get on say Celcons or Thermalites. I am rendering it myself, done lots in the past but not sure whats the best preparation fro this block.
    I have a few choices as the surface is not rough enough and the bricky didn't rake the joints. Mesh, [no thanks], use a proprietary prep mix or scratch it up. I think the last one...? I was going to XXX lightly with and angle grinder or would there be a better solution. Using 4 :1 first coat and 6:1 second with waterproofer.
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    You could try scudding the walls to give the render a key.
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  4. 14th edition

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    Thanks for replies, going to rough/scratch up the surface!
  5. 14th edition

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    Update.... Tried the Weber rend aid and its the dogs danglies. Quite expensive at 20/25kg but it covers around 7m2 on smooth blocks and sticks like you know what to a blanket. 2-3 day wait before next coat goes on but didn't seem to have much suction when I put scratch coat on top.
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