Rendering Substrate Advice - Boarding over uPVC

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by greddymop, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. greddymop

    greddymop New Member

    A little bit of advice please, regarding a suitable rendering substrate (see the Eurocell uPVC cladding in the photo below).

    Will be rendering over the pebble-dash (after removing and filling the areas that have blown) - though also want to smooth render the Eurocell PVC area, so the rendered finish is consistent.

    The PVC is set-back about 5cm from the pebble dash, hence the requirement to build-up the area in advance.

    Was thinking battens and boarding over the top of the UPVC, and then a mesh / primer / etc. build-up on top. However, not sure what boarding to use (hardwood ply, with a weatherproof seal on the edges?).

    So throwing it out there, what would anyone suggest? Doesn't need to look pretty - but does need to be functional.

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  2. Neil1987

    Neil1987 Member

    What's behind the pvc? Couldn't windows have been bigger? Where is he sill on the windows?
  3. greddymop

    greddymop New Member

    That probably shows things better - the windows are that height, to match the bay-window to the right.
    The new windows, door and blocks replace an old sliding door that was originally installed (before and after).

    To be fair, I am tempted to pull the cladding off - but hoping a simpler solution can be found to build something up over the top to render onto.

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  4. Neil1987

    Neil1987 Member

    Bay windows look taller than new in photo I would probably frame it out then hardy backer it but your windows have no sills so water that runs down windows will just seep under window and inside

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