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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by AussieMike11!, May 26, 2021.

  1. AussieMike11!

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    Hey everyone, Im new to DIY but am planning to partition an area upstairs to be used as a W.C. plumber has done a little bit but now im waiting for a decent builder to show up, in the mean time id like to make a start on it but am not sure what is the definitive answer as to the floor to keep everything kosher in regards to building regs, so questions
    no1: floor will be tiled so im assuming strip boards up and lay 18mm ply then waterproof somehow,then backerboard then tile
    no:2: baseboard for the studwork on the left will be straddling a steel beam underneath is it okay to leave the floorboard sandwiched inbetween and how to secure baseboard as im sure im not ment to touch the steel beam in any way?
    hopefully you can understand what im on about, any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Peter Burrows

    Peter Burrows Member

    1. If floorboards are ok, why strip the boards up and lay 18mm ply? Save money and just put 6mm Cement backerboard over the boards as these are brilliant.
    2. Yes just sandwich it.

    Stud work is generally 3 x 2 timer, very easy to do.
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