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    Hi All,

    I have been renovating the house that I have just bought and have been preparing the master bedroom for decorating. When I removed the double radiator to do some decorating, I saw that quite a large hole had developed in the place where one of screw holes were located. I can see the brick through this hole and looks like the mortar with the plaster has come off, I have attached some pictures. What is the best way about to repair such a hole and is it possible to DIY it?

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  2. PaulBlackpool

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    I am just DIY (50 years thereof). It look likes the hole goes through to the cavity. I have just repaired a much larger hole in my bathroom wall. You need to shape a piece of brick or block to fit the hole to bring it up to the level of the wall excluding plaster leaving gaps so that mortar can be inserted. You then need to get a small quantity of ready mixed repair mortar to securely fix the bit of block etc. into the wall. Do not push the block etc. into the cavity or damp might bridge the gap. Let the mortar set and then Polyfilla to replace the missing plaster. Use this to half fill and let set then a second coat. You might need a finishing coat as well and then a final sand down to level. This is the sort of job that will cost much more in materials than you would expect but you will have loads over for other jobs in the future.
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    I would just mix a bit of strong mortar/sand cement and fill it - wouldn't bother with a bit of brick. Redrill the fixing once set.
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    I thought it was a bigger than it is on looking at the photos again. It looks like a big wood plug has come out with the removal of the radiator bracket.
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    Can I use toupret or easi-fill instead? Asking because I already have some toupret tx110 for filling in small holes and dents in the wall but don't know if it's a good idea to fill this one as it's going to get screwed in for hanging the radiator
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    Make sure you get as much dust etc out, and dampen the inside before you fill with whatever you choose to use.
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    That is exactly what I used to fill holes and level up the wall under the level of my bath . But I used 20kgs ! of it (2 10kg tubs from B & Q ). Great stuff. I am sure this would support drilling and plugging for re-fixing the radiator. It has tiny nylon fibres in the mix.
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