Repairing a ring main

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by jld142, May 10, 2018.

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  2. jld142

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    See the below pictures, showing the repair work, the wires that were cut through and the wires/crimps used to repair.

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  3. JP.

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    With all due respect Jld the 2nd picture shows a reg breach..m8 you need a sparks tbqh.
  4. jld142

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    Totally agree with you. I have someone scheduled to come in and look. Just wanted to give people some visual context to my original question. @Bazza-spark, @dobbie, hope this helps.

    Do you know from the pictures of the wires whether these were main ring? My partner seems to recall them mentioning lighting mains.. doesn’t mean much to me haha
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  5. Josh.91

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    I have also never been satisfied. Think we have had limited options before whereas (like you mentioned), splicelines give much more confidence.
  6. Dam0n

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    Looks like 1.5mm lighting t&e to me?
  7. Bazza-spark

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    The crimps don't look to have been crunched properly, and no way would you get 2.5mm2 into those crimps like that.

    Kind regards
  8. Bob Rathbone

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    These things are only one step away from a twist with the pliers and insulation tape. Leave em back in the USA where they originated, might be OK for their fat free electricity, but useless on our 'real' stuff.
  9. nrg

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    Why not just replace them with Wago Electrical Connectors?
  10. jld142

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    Hello all,
    Just to provide an update. I had a certified electical company round. The fix that had been done on the wires was acceptable and perfectly reasonable. They were lighting cables and had been crimped correctly. As they are crimped I am ok to plaster over now so all is good. :)

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