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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Mmi, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Mmi

    Mmi New Member

    We have a small lean-to which is in so so condition, which we are trying to restore enough to last us a few years until we do our extension.

    One of the things is the roof, its not as bad as others I have seen but, its quite dirty and the roof beams are flaking and need a bit of tlc.

    After seeing the price for a new sheet (under £200ish) I thought it might be easier and quicker to just replace the whole roof as one large sheet. Currently its divided into 5 pieces.

    What im wondering is that as its not a huge roof (3300mm x 2100mm) if I get one that's thicker - and so more study? could I do away with the wooden beams and also the glazing bars? Im trying to find a way to tidy it all up and thought this might be the best and quickest way?

    IMG_20210412_143409.jpg IMG_20210412_143625.jpg IMG_20210412_144035.jpg IMG_20210412_144043.jpg

    Thanks M
  2. Dan Parkinson

    Dan Parkinson Active Member

    Personally, I would say no. You need intermediate supports.
  3. Mmi

    Mmi New Member

    I thought that might be the case. I've seen you can get self supporting bars. Perhaps having it as say 3 panels and using them would be fine and still allow the removal of the beams?
  4. Mmi

    Mmi New Member

    Or would it be better to just remove all the beams there now and replace them with two new ones, and get 3 panels and lay the glazing bars over the new rafters?
  5. Dan Parkinson

    Dan Parkinson Active Member

    There doesn't look anything wrong with the beams. They just need painting.

    Remove polycarb, clean and refit. Paint beams while it's off.
    If you're going to be building an extension there anyway seems daft to go to any greater lengths.
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