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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by foxy, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. foxy

    foxy New Member

    I have an old Glow-worm fuel saver mk11. Would a worcester 24SBi be a workable replacement?
  2. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson New Member

    Firstly it depends on the heat requirement of your system. The 24Sbi modulates it's heat output between 15 and 24 Kw. If you rquire a lower heat ouput than this it could lead to overheating kettling within the boiler.

    Secondly, will your existing system cope with being converted to a sealed system? If your existing pipework and radiators are corroded the extra pressures could cause major problems.

  3. foxy

    foxy New Member

    Mike,thanks for your reply.

    The total output of the rads is about 18kw.
    You may have a pont about the pressure as i wasn't aware the boiler was a sealed system. I picked the worcester as i have read good things about them on here but i must admit i didn't look that closely at the gumph about it!

    Can you recommend a boiler and give a rough idea of the cost of fitting as i am having trouble finding a plumber(Huntingdonshire) to come and quote.
  4. frankly

    frankly New Member

    Mike, you kindly gave me a recommendation on an LPG boiler recently. Your comments to 'Foxy' about extra pressures from corrosion made me think about my own pipework. This is the first house I have lived in, which has small diameter central heating pipes (approx. 1cm ). Is this standard these days? If not will it restrict me in the choice of a new boiler that I can use? I do live in a very hard water area but installed a 'salt and beans' water softener (when the house was new) so I would expect/hope the pipework to be in good order.
  5. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson New Member

    10mm pipework has been used for a long time on central heating systems. Artificially softened water should not be used in heating systems as it can have a detrimental effecton the material, neither should you drink it.

    All central heating boilers will cope with 10mm pipework provided it has been correctly installed. I regularly carry out installations using 10mm Hep2O pipework.

  6. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson New Member

    Worcester also do the Cbi range which are suitable for open vented systems. For a boiler swap, including a powerflush, we charge from £1000 plus VAT upwards depending on size, location etc.

  7. New Member


    Does that price of £1000.00 include the boiler
  8. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson New Member

    Unfortunately yes, note I said upwards from. That tends to be for something like a Baxi solo 2 30PF with not too much pipework alteration.

  9. eyetry

    eyetry New Member

    That's confirmed to me that a British Gas quote of £2.5k is Daylight robbery. :(

    Before you all take a sharp intake of breath, I haven't gone with them.
  10. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson New Member

    It's always worth getting two or three quotes for something major like a boiler change.

    I was talking to an installer that subcontracts to British Gas recently and he quoted for a job but the customer decided to go with British Gas despite being a couple of grand dearer.

    Imagine the customers surprise when he turned up to do the work.

  11. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson New Member

    Forgot to say it's also very much a regional thing. Overheads can vary immensely from one area to another even within the same town. Parking restrictions within the town centre means that prices in this area tend to be higher than further out because of paying for parking waivers, etc.

  12. New Member

    I am glad you said upwards from, that seems quite cheap especially with a power flush, as the flushing alone takes a good few hours, I start around £1200 with low range boiler, that does not include a flush
  13. foxy

    foxy New Member

    Mike, thanks for that. CBi looks good to me. Would i need the 14/19 or 19/24?
    Any plumbers out there in east anglia want a job?
  14. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson New Member

    That's a base price that I tend to work from for an almost straight swap. It's also about typical for this area. Hastings is still a very depressed area and i personally feel with the layout for training etc. we should be charging more but the market won't bear it locally. A lot of our work is for housing associations and very regular so we are lucky in getting paid for a great deal of our work very promptly.

    Ther are installers in this area charging boiler swaps at materials cost plus £200. I fail to see how they can manage to do a decent job at this price and they are certainly not flushing to benchmark standards.

  15. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson New Member

    foxy, as your ouput appears to be on the border line I would recommend that you get someone to calculate your heat losses to make sure. Don't forget you need to allow for hot water in the figures.

  16. ormus1

    ormus1 New Member

    lady friend of mine, had a quote for a new boiler, from british gas last yr, in urmston, manchester. 2500 quid! she got it done by a local plumber for about a grand.
  17. ezecool

    ezecool New Member

    ormus, the difference is that some people wait until their existing boiler breaks down before doing anything. In such cases they have no choice to go with the inflated quotes because most heating engineers are booked up several weeks in advance. BG usually have engineers/contractors ready to go at a days notice.

    East Anglia covers a big area. I am in Cambridge and my first free week is at the end of this month. I already have two installations to do in April.


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