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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by pde100, May 14, 2018.

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    Sorry if this question is too simple for this forum but here goes. I have a cooler box from halfords and the power lead has broken. The original had a cigarette lighter end to power it as below:

    However, I want to plug it into the mains so ideally want a plug fitting. Can i use a standard figure of 8 C7 lead:

    Or is it not 12V or not correct current?

    thanks in advance
  2. DIYDave.

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    Crickey no ........ don’t replace lead and plug direct into mains :eek:

    If it runs from car Cig lighter socket, then it’s designed to operate from 12V (as you probably expect)

    You can run it from a mains transformer which pumps out 12 v though. Look on cooler box and there will be a label or stamped into the plastic a ratings plate. Will give you the voltage and amperage it’s designed to operate from

    Then simply match up a transformer with same output figures - loads listed online (eBay, Amazon, etc)

    How are you planning on connecting new lead to cool box ?
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    That will change the function from a cooler to a heater - with added flames!

    Just replace the broken lead and add a suitably rated 230v to 12v (cigarette lighter) transformer/converter
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    great thanks very much, The plan is to have this in the corner of a tent connected to an electric hookup so I think I will also need a cigarette lighter to main plug adaptor too?
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    No you can't, cool boxes need DC, transformers give out AC, often the lead can be reversed in a cool box so it can either cool or warm items inside.

    My cool box states some thing like 5A, that is a massive amount of power at 12 volt, it uses as much power as my fridge/freezer, if not more. I did have a Woolworths unit with both 12 volt and 240 volt options, but the EEC made it illegal to sell them with the converter built in, so now you need a separate unit. They were made illegal because the peltier system is so inefficient, however I note they are on sale again. See here not sure if rules changed or Amazon don't care about rules?

    [​IMG] how it can state
    I don't know, when my fridge/freezer used less power?

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