Replacing broken cover board

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  1. Itsrelfy

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    Hi, I'm. After some help.

    We lost a section of fascia cover board in the wind earlier this week. So need to replace.

    The old [now broken] cover board slid into what I can only describe as a h profile piece of pvc. The top of the cover board slots Into the n and the l bit slips under the felt on the flat roof.

    But I can't find it anywhere to buy a new bit.

    Does anyone know what it's called and where it can be bought.


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  2. Jord86

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    upload_2020-1-16_18-39-45.jpeg upload_2020-1-16_18-39-45.jpeg


    Flat roof edge trim 9mm
  3. Itsrelfy

    Itsrelfy New Member

    That's great. Thankyou. I've been looking since monday lol.
  4. Jord86

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    Mate, I’m useless on a computer and I found that in about three minutes, I bet people love playing hide and seek with you :)
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