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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by LSum85, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. LSum85

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    Would appreciate some advice. We recently had an old patio taken up and our neighbours have claimed that two of their gravel boards are now cracked as a result. There are no visible cracks on our side, but can see some minor cracks on theirs.

    Happy to pay for replacements, but concerned we might potentially do more damage getting the old ones out and trying to retrofit the new ones (6ft x 1ft recessed boards). A better solution seems to be to offer them £40 (the cost of the boards) and fill the cracks and repaint on their side.

    Any thoughts welcome
  2. Jord86

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    How do you know for certain that removal of the patio caused the cracks on their side? Do you get on with them normally or is there potential for them to try it on? Can you post a couple of photos of the area and boards?
  3. LSum85

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    Never had an issues with them in the past. Can't be certain that the cracks were caused by our works but the damaged boards are where the excavation happened so it's a fair assumption. Want to keep the peace so looking for the best solution. Photos shows one crack, other hairline cracks aren't visible in this photo

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  4. Jord86

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    Fair enough, use an exterior filler, toupret is a favourite on here, and paint it to suit. If they demand it replaced they are being unreasonable provided the cracks are hairline.
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  5. teabreak

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    As long as you have not cemented to the boards the panels and boards should just lift out without damage.
    Assuming they are slotted posts.
  6. LSum85

    LSum85 New Member

    The panels lift out, no problem and nothing is attached to the boards, but they seem wedged it pretty tight. We could cut through them with an angle grinder if needed, but it seems a waste to replace them because of cosmetic damage.
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