Replacing glass on double glazing windows?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Raul B, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Raul B

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    How do you replace glass from old double glazing frames please?
    I know in newer frames the sides pop out with a bit of force but these older frames have rubber gaskets on n I believe you remove the sides from outside/external frames! Will I have to remove the gaskets first? If so, will they nicely go back on after I replace the glass?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Raul B

    Raul B Member


    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    Hi, Which ever side has the beads holding the glass (older Double Glazing used to be outside) newer Double glazing for security usually now in the inside, then you need to remove the rubber gasket from the other side. Find where the join in the gasket is and carefully using something like a putty knife if you have one or similar, pry a bit of the gasket out at the join.... Stretch it slightly and gently pull it out slowly in order not to snap it into bit.. Then the beads will pop off easily from the other side.. use of a gentle tap of a rubber mallet can persaud them it held in by lots of grime, then drop out the unit. Remember to measure the overall thickness of the unit, as then the company making you a replacement will know what spacer to put in with the correct glass thickness.... As long as you get that right you can reuse the rubber gasket
  4. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Seems whichever size I ask for they tap away at calculator and say £55. Makes me laugh... Getting the bead out and back in is a art I struggle with sometimes..
  5. sospan

    sospan Screwfix Select

    When you get the rubber and beads out, make a not of any packers around the glass. You will need to put them back in once you have replaced the glass
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    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    £55 is not bad tbf. It must be quite small. That's 2 panes of glass, what they call 'space bar' that used to filled with a moisture sucking material which the name escapes me, although I think that is not longer used as they now fill the unit with a gas and it is all hot melted together with a thick bitumin like gunk. So all in all, for £55 that's not a bad price for that as it is also manually made...
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  7. Raul B

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    I've been quoted £15 for each glass and the thickness doesn't matter.
    I might just drop off the window unit to the shop and they'll replace themselves for an extra £10 each...?

    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    I'd bite their hands off for that. Once upon a time we would occasionally split a double glazed unit down, which is quite a task using a knife to cut each pane away from the hot melt that holds them together (Glue is extrememly strong and messy), but then you have to spend quite a long time cleaning the pieces of glass meticulously from residue glue and dirt etc to look like new again before re-making the unit. It takes far more labour to do that than to make a new one... Then they still have to re-fill with gas and re-glue...
    If they are prepared to do that then that is an extremely good price.. I thought no one would bother to do that anymore...
  9. Raul B

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    Yes, my window openers are quite small though 45cm by 25cm. However this price is undoubtedly very cheap as the other company I got a price from quoted double..
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