Replacing large sill in shower/bath - advice needed!

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    I'm in a rented property and about to move out, and the plastic sill in the bathroom (pictured) needs replacing as it has been stained by a candle (the dye from the candle I think seeped into the partially melted plastic). I would rather replace it myself than have the cost taken from my deposit.

    I'm no stranger to DIY tasks, but not sure what material would be best for the lowest cost. The current sill is 9mmx435mmx1685mm, and looks like it is made some kind of rigid plastic foam inside (maybe polystyrene) with plain white gloss finish and a rounded front edge. Needs to stand up to water as there is a shower above the bath. Doesn't seem like an expensive, high quality material, relatively cheep and cheerful, so I only need to replace with something of similar quality.

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks for your help!

    Michael Bathroom Sill.png
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    Go to a upvc trim/cladding supplier such as National Plastics and ask if they have that depth of soffit board probably be 500mm x 2500mm x 9mm
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    Filler and universal paint?

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