Replacing old concrete floor in bathroom

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    Hi there everyone.

    I am renovating a bungalow at the moment and we have got to the bathroom! The floor is concrete and over 2 layers. The first (top) layer was pretty messed up and we decided to take it out. The concrete is 50mm to 65mm deep in a room that is just short of 3 meters long by 1.5 meters wide.

    Below the concrete was a clear polythene membrane on top of another slab of concrete that was floated off with the footings. This lower slab is much harder and a good 5" deep. Closer to the window I have cut in a gully to run water through the bathroom into other rooms beyond and to gain access to the drains for a low level shower we have planned.

    While I know the easiest thing to do it to get another membrane and fill it with cement again, I want to consider the possibility of insulating the floor and capping with suitable plywood or possibly "No More Ply Tongue & Groove Board 22mm"

    One thought is to lay a membrane, add a timber frame and slide 25 - 30mm of insulation in before adding the top sheet. My only dilemma is how to secure the timber frame to stop it from sliding and lifting in such a thin space!

    I would welcome comments on how to do this or something similar.

    A few pictures . . . .

    20190910_091300.jpg 20190910_091246.jpg

    Thanks in advance

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