Replacing shower tray without access

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by andyarmando, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. andyarmando

    andyarmando New Member

    Hi guys, I want to replace a shower tray in a bathroom. The tray is not raised and there is no access hatch on the floor below either. The bathroom is laminated so i can't get to the floor boards easily.

    It sounds like the laminate has to come up but is there any other way? Any fancy way of fitting a tray without access?
  2. Slimes

    Slimes New Member

    Assuming you can remove the old tray without access to the trap (hammer?) then fitting a new tray is possible if a little tricky.

    I have done it several times with a top access trap, just make sure the trap is supported and lined up accurately, and do a dry fit first.

    I secure the rubber sealing washer in place on the top of the trap, lower the tray then screw the trap together.

    HTH, Simes.
  3. ally1957

    ally1957 New Member

    Why don't you just gain access by making a hole in the ceiling on the floor below?
  4. andyarmando

    andyarmando New Member

    I am hoping i can get access from the room below but have to run that by the customer first.

    When fitting the tray without access i guess you have to hope it doesn't leak because you won't be able to test it? Do you but a generous ring of silicon on the rubber seal first before lowering the tray?
  5. ally1957

    ally1957 New Member

    On second thoughts why don't you fit the new tray higher than the existing one onto a wooden frame then you will always have access in the future.
    You can also buy shower trays with feet which serves the same purpose
  6. plumber_andy

    plumber_andy New Member

    Don't think you're actually allowed to fit them without access, even with a top access trap (someone will no doubt correct me on this)...I'd say just raise the tray up on a plinth, as long as the step isn't any bigger than a standard staircase step then there should be no reson for complaints (or at least sensible complaints)
  7. Slimes

    Slimes New Member

    > Don't think you're actually allowed to fit them
    without access,

    Allowed?.....explain please.
  8. nigel

    nigel Guest

    I used a flexi connecter, allowed fitting of shower tray in awkward recess, connect to tray and then supported one end of tray on brick to allow other end connection.[Hard on the back and knees].

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