Replacing subsided constructional hearth - 1900s terrace

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    Hi all,

    Renovating a 1900s terraced house. The constructional hearth in the living room had collapsed and spilled under the joists in the suspended timber floor. The previous owners has covered over this collapse with a marble superimposed hearth, however seen as we are replacing the floor joists, I'd like to use this opportunity to replace the hearth, lay tiles at floor level (and eventually get a working period fire surround installed).

    The information I've been able to find online about how to do this has been limited. My basic understanding is to:
    - rebuild the collapsed retaining brick wall up to the height of the sleeper walls (three courses)
    - lay hardcore to the top of the sleeper walls
    - then 140mm concrete to the top of the joists (poured in timber mold)
    - tile to be flush with floor level

    Would this be a suitable way to go about this? Any tips, suggestions or pit-falls?

    Thanks in advance

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