Require automatic allen keys or Screwdrivers

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by James E Kan, Jun 10, 2021.

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    Hi there!
    I do bike maintenance in my garage, a hobby of mine, started repairing 2 of my MTBs. Later few of my fellow cyclists approached me for general tuning and I got it done for them. Now I have the rider community getting all their bikes to my garage for checkup and tuning. I might need to upgrade my tools to be at par with the demand or workload. Does anyone have an idea on electric Allen keys or screwdrivers? Will be great to buy one, to make my work easier
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    Use an electric ratchet with the correct adapter: can do sockets as well
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    I would be very careful about using a power tool for Allen head (or Torx) bolts on a bike - the risk of rounding out the head is very high and I don't think you'd save much time or effort . . . you'd need a very low torque setting on the tool.

    The best solutions are the proper tools: a) buy a set of the Park Tool sockets and a 3/8 drive ratchet handle OR b) buy a PlanetX Jobsworth torque wrench set (that gives you the sockets and a ratchet handle with torque adjustment - which you must use for some on-bike tasks like handlebars, cranksets etc. OR c) just buy a decent set of Allen keys with T-handles .... again Park Tool for the best stuff.

    Although now retired (and doing lots of woodwork) I have a Cytech qualification and used to manage a bike shop, now closed, and still do repairs and bike servicing - my workshop's cycle area has a LOT of blue Park Tools! (The Park sockets and torque wrench are on the wall above the stem of the bike in the stand)
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    Thanks a lot for the detailed information. As you mentioned I already have few sets of park tools in my workshop. Good to know that you are an expert in this too. Got to know that we have to set low torque, which was a takeaway for me. By the way, I was able to procure the contact of the experts who provide electric screwdrivers with flexible torque settings( low and high). Again thanking you for the inputs, was of great use.

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