Resin bound Driveway sub base

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    Afternoon all, I have been doing some work for a local "start to finish building firm" their lads have just pop round and they're going to be installing a resin bound driveway for a very very high price!
    I used to work for a company that did this type of driveway quite a lot. I would do any ground drainage works, electric works etc the help labour and lay the stone so I would see the work throughout most of the time. That company would use mot and sand subbase then tarmac, leave for a week or so and resin stone on top or would use what I would call gravel trays. These lads today have popped round and pretty much said MOT, sand, small amount of MOT again heavily compacted and then resin stone on top of that. I have not heard of this or seen this done but does this sound right to me. how does this sound to someone with more experience? The customer is very nice doesn't have the greatest amount of money and this to me sounds like it's going to crack all over the place! Any advice and maybe me using this as a statement of how the sub base should be done could put the customer more at ease as I talked to them about it and they are concerned. They then discussed it with the driveway lads who then tried to pull me and effectively said "not your trade not your place" we will get you off this site if you carry on. Ive been a general builder for 12yrs as well and gas/plumbing and electrics (in case you are wondering)

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