Returns policy regarding opened item - boxed triton shower.

Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by matt hewes, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. matt hewes

    matt hewes New Member

    Anyone aware of a store policy to not accept a return on shower units if security tab has been broken ? - ie - box has been opened to inspect main unit but nothing inside has actually been opened or used.
    The accessories,riser & head are still in sealed packaging.

    I tried to return a shower unit to my local store yesterday (ordered via click & collect a week prior) as in all honesty apart from it being non-aesthetically pleasing ( you cant obviously ascertain this from a picture on the website or on the box) the setting & start dial is somewhat too stiff for the customer who has restricted hand strength/movement.

    In between the purchase of this shower & attempted return Ive purchased & fitted an automatic push button start unit which in retrospect is what I should have gone for in the first place.

    Been in touch with screwfix direct who have no me issue with me returning the unit & have in fact offered free collection.

    The reason I ask the above question is because it may restrict my willingness to puchase future items from my local store with regards to returns.

    First time Ive ever been refused a return in all honesty ever at the counter,easy return fast/painless item swaps are something screwfiux have in the past always excelled at in my experience
  2. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    SF state:

    "Under our 30 day money back guarantee you can return unwanted goods for free. Items should be unused in a saleable condition, with their original packaging and with all component parts and any promotional items received"

    So I reckon you've met those requirements and a refund should be granted. I don't see that removal of a "security tab" makes the item to be not in a saleable condition. This is supported by screwfix direct so must be a local store anomaly.
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  3. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Screwfix Select

    Something amiss there by the sound of it (along the lines of operator error on the part of the store member that served you). I've never had a problem with any Screwfix store I have had to return anything to - for whatever reason. Admittedly on first name terms with most staff at my local branch but as I say, no problem anywhere. I hesitate to suggest this (for fear of failure) but I would try again!
  4. matt hewes

    matt hewes New Member

    Well a strange one this , popped into screwfix just now to pick a couple of bits up (didn't take the shower as its not in the van & I didnt want to look a numpty anyway)

    As Im stood waiting at collection a fella's walked in with a triton shower & asked to do a swap with a smaller rated one.

    Singular question asked was 'have you broken the seal' , as it turns out he hadn't.

    So obviously after my orders come through, I politely accosted that member of staff tehatding my experience.

    Appears its triton branded showers only , they have a security branded tape seal & are non returnable once broken apparently.

    Mira & gainsboro are absplutely fime to return opened but unused.

    This then would seem to be a stipulation of the manufacturer (which is kind of fair I suppose) but looking online at screwfix , triton , argos , b&q & a myriad of other retailers there is not a singular mention of this return restriction anywhere.

    Ten or twenty quid Id suck it up as an error on my behalf but for a ton its a big amount.

    I'll take online customer services up on their collection offer (which is gling to be a slight pain) but I'd take this as a warning for other prospective purchasers.
  5. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Sounds to me like SF are on dodgy ground unless this condition is made clear to purchasers at the outset.
  6. I am not making any comment over whether you should or should not be able to return it. Nor over SF's policy.

    But you have to ask yourself the question. If you went into a store and purchased the same item, with a clearly broken security seal, and therefore an obviously returned item. Would you be happy ?

    Nothing worse than getting any product home and finding something missing.
  7. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    SF are normally VERY good about refunds, returns and exchanges. I cannot remember having any issues with them.

    They do have a restriction on WC pan connectors - they must be in their original sealed bags and not opened in any way. I can fully understand the reasons for that.

    I have come across something unbelievable though. Customer walked in, bought a power tool, walked out. The 5 minutes later walked back in and said he wanted to return it ... when he was asked for his details and date of purchase he gave a date about 10 days previous, got a refund in cash and disappeared. It transpired that he purchased the first one for say £200, then in a sale they dropped to £150 so he bought a second, then returned it with the first invoice and was refunded the higher amount. CHEEK. It is apparently a regular occurrence.
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  8. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Screwfix Select

    I'm pretty sure that if you buy it online you can return it for a full refund anyway, even if it's been opened, under the distance selling regulations.
    You're allowed to open it to see if you like it. As you bought it online, not in a shop, you couldn't possibly see it "in the flesh".
    That's my understanding anyway, and I'm pretty confident with this one.

    It might be the same if you order online, but collect in store. An interesting test case I suspect!


  9. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Oh I can quite believe that. Nothing wrong with it either in my book, simply playing by the rules.
  10. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    Technically yes he has broken the rules - he has not returned the one he purchased on the receipt he used. Also, having the older tool and later receipt could mean a fraudulent warranty claim if it failed in week 54 ...
  11. matt hewes

    matt hewes New Member

    Id be happy if it hadn't been used & everything was still bagged as new in the box, yes 100%.

    & ive been there with opened items in the past , not from screwfix but from b & q.

    3rd time lucky with a chrome towel rail , first one had plainly been fitted & used

    Second was fine but had brackets & taps missing (plainly removed before return)

    Offered to keep the second one & the brackets & taps from the first one to no avail, had to wait a week then for one to be delievered from the warehouse.

    So yeah I understand it's open to abuse & I also understand open box & non return policies.

    My argument is it needs to be stipulated somewhere clearly & concisely in advance of purchasing so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

    Its not mentioned anywhere whatsoever as far as I can see.

    In the past ive been known to buy 2 or 3 similar items when in a rush & return whats unneeded afterwards.

    Never ever been an issue before , an awful lot of tradesmen do the same.
    Small items can usually be repurposed , I could probably repurpose the shower unit in the next few months in all honesty , but at the minute it's sat in the garage doing nothing but losing some of it's warranty.

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