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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by miandcar, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. miandcar

    miandcar New Member

    I am trying to revamp my old kitchen doors which i bought a long time ago in magnet. I have tried to sand the doors down but the coating that covers them is very strong and i can't get rid of it. Does any one know what could i do to take the coating off and what is best to put on then to protect the wood?. Thanksssssssssss
  2. Sam Dingle

    Sam Dingle New Member

    Are the doors real wood or are they chip?
  3. miandcar

    miandcar New Member

    The doors are solid wood
  4. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    Hi M,

    You need to either use Nitromors varnish stripper with scrapers and wire wool or take them to a dip and strip type firm. This is where they dip the doors in caustic soda and get the varnish off but as they get wet it can lead to all sorts of problems with joints popping and splits.

    This is if you want to go back to wood. If you are going to paint them then there are purpose made paints that will stick on varnish well.

    Hope this helps,

  5. miandcar

    miandcar New Member

    Thanks very much for your advise.This is my first diy project and it is pretty scary!!!!!!!!!
  6. Simon_ADK_Joinery

    Simon_ADK_Joinery New Member

    this might sound a bit extreme, but if you want the job done properly, might be an idea to find out your nearest joinery workshop and see if they have a drum sander that you can put your door thru, this will remove paint from both sides very nicely & i doubt it would cost very much for their efforts as its only a 5 minute job.
  7. polyvinylacetate

    polyvinylacetate New Member

    Might cost more than you may at first think. Dont forget that you will get through loads of belts ( due to them clogging ).And if it is a raised panel door finishing of by hand is still needed.

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