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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by a, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. a

    a New Member

    Hi all,

    I am a DIYer.

    Does anyone have any comments on the 10" Rexon comp. mitre saw (laser guide) for approx 150 drinking tickets?

    I need a biggish one for the rafters and joists of a pitched roof for a garage that I am building which has some seriously some funny angles (or at least, this is the excuse) but I can't afford the £4-500 for a 'serious name'jobby.

    Any other recommendations?

    Thanks for any replies?

  2. kittblack

    kittblack New Member

    Both Electra Beckum (parent company Makita) and Ryobi do saws similar to the rexon saw (would'nt touch it with a very long stick!) Take a look at they'll happily supply to trade and retail customers alike; great service too.
  3. poolethetool

    poolethetool New Member

    The laser aspect of most of these saws frankly doesnt work very well in normal light also if you want to cut joists and rafters you will need a sliding compound saw which enables you to cut thicker wood.
  4. thehush

    thehush New Member

    go to rutlands tool site &look at the "fox" sliding mitre saw you wont even break the £300 barrier ,its big &means business. My mate did ,Ive used it and only a couple of niggles but Ican be fussy.
  5. muller

    muller New Member

    Hi thehush, iv'e been thinking of getting the fox sliding mitre saw for weeks now, what are the niggling things that you mentioned.
  6. Jules

    Jules New Member

    Without a shadow of a doubt, get yourself into Costco by hook or by crook, and buy yourself the Ryoby rts1425 sliding mitre saw, it will set you back the massive sum of £90.00 it comes with lots of bits including a laser line for very acurate cutting.
    Its not got the big name but its cut everything i have thrown at it ( just built very large extension )
    For £90 there is nothing out there to touch it.
  7. supersparky

    supersparky New Member

    "as i walk through the valley of the shaddow of death, i look at my life and realise there is nothing left...."....whoops you said shaddow of a doubt

  8. a

    a New Member

    Hi all,

    Thanks all for your advice... (even the 'Joke' :) )

    I have seen a lot about first thing to do is to change the blade and buy a decent one. Any comments on this advice, or what is a decent make to go for, Please?

    Thanks again in advance.

  9. a

    a New Member

    Yo Jules,

    The Ryobi RTS1425 seems to be a table saw - not a sliding mitre saw... could you confirm the code, please?


    Cheers, matey
  10. thehush

    thehush New Member


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