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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by brian burgess, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. brian burgess

    brian burgess New Member

    Due to health issues I need someone to go on my bungalow roof to remove the ridges and replace with a dry ridge system,there are 24/25 ridges that will need to be replaced , or could they be used again on the dry system if all mortar could be removed without breaking the old ridges.

    But working on a price for new ridges ,can anyone please give me a estimate of how much it is going to cost me for the total job,remembering that no scaffolding required,thanks for your advice .

    The bungalow is 15mtrs in length if that's a help.
  2. tom.plum

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    Hello Brian, sorry to be the barer of bad news but scaffolding is needed on any job over 2 metrs high, yes yes I know its only a short fall from a bungalow but rules is rules, you may well get someone to work without scaffold ( and I'd gladly do it) but i'm just making you aware of what SHOULD be done,
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  3. The ridge can be re-used with dry system, battens need extended on the ridge via metal clips for ridge clips to be screwed down.

    If its for ventilation purposes, Id leave the ridge and fit vent tiles, far easier and quicker.
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    I used the Klober system which was really good. The under felt rolls are supplied in boxes of 5M. You also require 2 end caps. As Cots says the ridge batten will need extending, stainless steel straps are provided in the kits which secure this batten, but you could get away with using large screws to secure the batten if the ridge batten is thick, other wise the top row of tiles will need removing to secure the straps. About 30mm of roofing felt should be cut short from the apex batten to allow a ventilation gap of 10mm

    If the cement is hard can be difficult to remove this from the ridge tiles, these cost around £3.50 each and measure around 480mm long, which you will require about 31 whole pieces, best to measure first (or dry lay) so you don't end up with short tiles on either end.

    The clamping system uses a large stainless screw and metal plate, make sure to use the correct screwdriver bit so that the screw heads don't wear out.
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  5. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

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  6. brian burgess

    brian burgess New Member

    quite right TOM, but i was thinking about when i was doing my own jobs & yes i do like to work safe myself especially as a x fireman as well, a bit more info is that the roof timbers are pre formed trusses! & i know a few years ago i took the ridges off & reclaimed all the ridges by removeing & angle grinding the old mortar off without breaking any , but i do know they are not very thick & fairly delicate to handle ,i presume they have been used since 1980, & under the ridges in the loft there are a few gaps were the felt is missing/damaged here & there & i did repairs to it then.i would imagine that some cutting to the top row of tiles will be needed !, but thats not a issue really.
    I just thought that if i got it done now,then that should see me out, & i just wanted to know roughley how much the job was going to cost. The ridges are not to bad at the moment & i have no leaks in the loft as i have stairs to get in & its boarded out , but very little headroom.
    Do you live in the north west?.
    thanks for reply.
  7. brian burgess

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    hi cotswold.
    i have had the barge boards & soffits done some 5 years ago (myself) & the roof space is reasonably vented & no problem . I just wanted to get the ridges done on a dry system so that it never need bother me again in my lifetime with a bit of luck, i could always put a few vented tiles in as the job got going if the roofer thought it needed some.im really putting feelers out for the ROUGH costing & anyone in the north west area to do the job, i can reclaim the ridges ,set up o n the lawn with my grinder . I have a tower scaffold & ladders etc & a rifle to shoot you off the roof when its brew time ahaahahahaha!.
  8. brian burgess

    brian burgess New Member

    hi fathands.
    Thats exactly what im after ,the marleys are flat ones &the ridges are the V shaped upside down! ok £3.50 each X 25 = £100 so ok ,thats not the end of the world , so i would probably buy new ridges, so how much to get the job done ?, without screwing anyone to the floorboards & it needs someone not to far away to do the job in the northwest, i have give more details if you read the other posts, thanks for your effort & reply much appreciated.
  9. brian burgess

    brian burgess New Member

  10. brian burgess

    brian burgess New Member

    Sorry it's not a good photo,but this is the roof

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