Ring door bell transformer outside?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Andrew Taylor25, Sep 29, 2021.

  1. Andrew Taylor25

    Andrew Taylor25 New Member


    I want to mount a wired ring doorbell on a gate post which is about 10 meters from the my house. There's two power supplies that run to the gate, one for lighting, one for gate motors. I was hoping to use one of those to power the door bell but I expected the transformer to be part of the bell. It's not, it's a separate unit. Can I mount that transformer outside? If so, what's the best way to do it so it's ventilated etc (which I'm assuming is a requirement)?

  2. CraigMcK

    CraigMcK Screwfix Select

    The ring wired doorbell uses your current doorbell transformer (if you have one) There is no transformer supplied with it, you need to provide your own supply. Would you not be better getting one of the slightly more expensive ring doorbells that are battery powered?
  3. Andrew Taylor25

    Andrew Taylor25 New Member

    Hi, it did turn up with a transformer and we don't have a current doorbell transformer. It's this model - https://en-uk.ring.com/collections/video-doorbells/products/video-doorbell-pro-2 .

    I'd rather have a hard wired one than be changing the batteries all the time :)
  4. bright_Spark

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    You can wire the transformer outdoors if you wanted to, we often put a supply outside in an enclosure to feed nest hello doorbells, no difference to a ring as far as power goes. Just a thought if you have a consumer unit outside to feed your gate and lighting, you could also mount a din transformer in that to give you the power for the doorbell.
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  5. DIYDave.

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    Agreed, hard wired is the way to go with these video bells

    The more you use the features, the more power these things use so battery life can be compromised

    Suppled with a din rail type transformer for mounting direct inside your consumer unit ,,,,, however, just stick in a waterproof enclosure, use 20mm compression glands for cables in/out and mount box in a convenient location ….. job done I would imagine :)
  6. Make sure the convenient location isn't too easy for crims to turn off!
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  7. CraigMcK

    CraigMcK Screwfix Select

    Ah, I thought you meant the one they call wired, their range is rather confusing. The ‘video doorbell wired’ does not come with a supply.

    Just one question I assume you have a good WiFi signal where you are planning to install it.
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  8. Andrew Taylor25

    Andrew Taylor25 New Member

    Thanks all! Much appreciated! As for the wifi signal, I guess I'm about to find out! :)
  9. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    Just add a wifi extender if it isnt strong, you will be fine

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