Ring Main Tripping?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by fred812, Jun 29, 2020.

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    A couple of years ago we had a extension that included the kitchen. The extension and kitchen were put onto a new consumer unit separate to the rest of the house.

    We've had the kitchen sockets trip a couple of times recently when putting the kettle on. We've moved the kettle to another socket on the same ring main and it hasn't tripped yet. I've checked the socket in question and there's no loose wires or anything obviously faulty. My own suspicion is that the boiling kettle may have been a bit close to the socket and it may have got damp so its currently hanging out to dry - though I have to admit it doesn't look damp.

    Before I call the pro's in can anyone advise whether my suspicion is viable or whether it could be something else?

  2. Coloumb

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    You need to say if it's the MCB or the RCD that's tripping. It could be both if it's an RCBO. A picture of the CU would help.
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    Thanks for replying.

    Its the RCD Controlled Circuits next to the Main switch that trips.

    Image attached.

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    As its the RCD it’s likely your kettle has a developing fault. I say developing because it won’t trip it every time but the frequency will go up over time. Kettles and toasters sadly are prone to this. Purchase a socket testers from our hosts to make sure the socket is wired correctly but do remember it does not pick up all the faults. It may indicate an issue but it’s likely to be the kettle.
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  5. fred812

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    >>It may indicate an issue but it’s likely to be the kettle.


    So not steam getting making the socket damp? Kettle is working fine in another socket. Be very surprised if its wiring, its been in a few years and no problem until now and was installed by a reputable company. Also I've inspected the wiring on this particular socket and its fine.
  6. Teki

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    It could be due to combined earth leakage from other appliances on that RCD and the addition of the kettle may just cause it to trip at certain times. It would need an electrician with the correct test equipment to test the circuit/appliances.
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    If steam is getting into the socket, then eventually you will find the same issue with kettle in its new position over time. It’s more likely the steam has worked itself into parts of the kettle where it’s not expected. After all it’s the steam pressure that trips the kettle to “off” when water has boiled.
  8. fred812

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    I think the kettle may have been too close to the socket. Its a cordless that sits on a base and the kettle may have boiled a couple of times with the spout right next to the socket. Not been a single trip with the kettle in another socket. The socket in question has had a couple days to "dry out" now so will put back to normal and see what happens. If it still occurs the will get an electrician in as suggested.

    Thanks for the help.
  9. fred812

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    Quick update.

    The problem continued with occasional tripping.

    Also the dishwasher started to show an occasional fault indicating a water supply or drainage problem. Turns out that the fault light can come on for other things too, and that the dishwashers earth leakage is above normal levels. Guy reckoned that the underlying leakage from the dishwasher combined with other appliances especially the kettle would explain the circuit breaker tripping occasionally.

    Which is exactly what you all said a couple of weeks ago.

    So getting the dishwasher sorted now!

    Thanks for the advice earlier, it helped me to get there eventually!


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