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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by spen123, Feb 3, 2022.

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    You’ve been saving money every month as you knew you had a big.
    As long as the bill is correct, you have to pay.
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    Legally, companies cannot bill you for energy used over 12 moths ago, providing it was their fault. That means you provided them with meter readings when asked, allowing meter readers to read the meter and paying any bills they have sent. I think you may have a valid case as you repeatedly asked for a bill.

    lookup OFGEMwebsite and check obligations and responsibilities from both parties.

    If you think you have a case, initially complain to the supplier stating clearly and why you believe you should not pay for energy used over 12months ago. Mention all dates and methods you used to contact them to get them to issue you a bill. Point out that depending on their response you may log a case with OFGEM for them to adjudicate
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    Thank you for your reply. I'm more than happy to pay for the energy I've used, I'm more concerned that they've suggested my next bill covers all of the arrears and I don't think this is fair. Can they do this or am I with my rights to ask for a payment plan as it was their error. Ps, I have a smart meter so surely it was up to them to take readings etc?
  4. Unfortunately, it's a direct consequence of Brexit.
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    Hi the Radar site addy says not available now
    Any alternative

    Johnny M
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    Absolute nonsense!
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  7. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove promised lower fuel bills for households once Britain left the EU. Gas prices in Europe are also at record highs, but countries in the EU’s internal energy market trade efficiently with each other using linked auctions that balance prices across the bloc. The UK, having decoupled its auctions from Europe, could in theory get cheaper energy than anywhere else – if energy was really cheap. But it isn’t, so the UK is more exposed to high prices.

    So, no, it's not absolute nonsense. It's directly related to Brexit.
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    So, not at all due to any of the problems like the UK not having gas storage, refusing to invest in nuclear or our own gas fields in order to appease the eco lunatics... It's all just because of brexit...

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    You can ask for a payment plan. Again refer them to the OFGEM rules. They can be awkward, asking for details of your financial hardship, but as you seem to be worried , let them know your situation. Again they can only bill you for a maximum of 12 months in the past. So anything used over a year ago, they cannot charge you. So you should firmly say, “bill me my last 12months usage and set up a payment plan”
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    I agree with you ! But much of our problem lies with NIMBYs, who have successfully stalled all infrastructure projects, major and minor so they can live in a wisteria clad cottage viewing the world through a rose tinted glasses.

    I recently heard that the green belt law, introduced in the 1950’s, to prevent towns from merging with surrounding villages and prevention of ribbon towns like that seen in the west coast of USA, has been misused by local planners to prevent all development. Much of this under pressure from NIMBYs. No wonder young people in small rural areas cant find affordable homes.

    Another example is pretty villages especially costal ones, becoming a place for second homes often used as AIRBNB for just a few months in summer. Much of this caused by local planners refusing to allow hotels to be built for the completely false fear of their towns looking like Benidorm.

    I sometimes think a section of population wants this country to return to the Stone Age !
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  11. 'Eco lunatics' says it all really. Bye.
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    While EU had some serious problems with governance, this is no time to go into the jungle alone.

    The Bear in winter is dangerous. It wants food and will go to any lengths to get it. Simple measures won’t stop it.

    The Tiger, it tries to keep a low profile and camouflages itself well but it’s dangerous and will strike once it knows your weakness.

    Finally we have the elephant. Still a juvenile but learning rapidly that it’s bulk and strength which will grow over the years will give it certain privileges in the jungle.

    these animals at the moment stay apart at the moment but one day may make a friendly pact.
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    I'm afraid it's a term I use for people who make ridiculously unrealistic demands based on their bizzare belief that humans can stop the Earth's climate from changing
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    Eco Nazis. Probably get pulled for that but our new esteemed figure head fits the description

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