Robots are dangerous

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by bright_Spark, May 17, 2023.

  1. Ind spark

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    The robot probably had these signs fitted but not so bright didn't notice :p

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    IMG_0548.gif ;)
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  4. Ind spark

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  5. bright_Spark

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    Another holiday due?
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  6. Ind spark

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    Where you off to?
  7. bright_Spark

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    Well it was Oslo on Friday but looks doubtful I have had therapy and everything all for nothing now. I was getting over my bad dream but its all starting again.
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  8. Ind spark

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    It will all work out in the end mate take a deep breath and dont worry about things that haven't and may not happen.

    From what I've read and it hurts me to say this :D, you're not to blame on this.

    Edit....and if worse comes to the worse, you can work for me I'll pay you 60k but it'll be every 4 years :p
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  9. bright_Spark

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    Well all I care about is my professional integrity, the job is good for my CV only as it is a leading tech company that everyone knows but as far as losing the job, I wouldnt want to under these circumstances. I am just shocked they have suspended me!!!! I am receiving texts and phone calls from everyone I work with saying the same thing.
  10. Abbadon2001

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    Sounds like a total failure to lock out and tag out the equipment by the fitters, or the electricians making it live if they were informed it was ok to wire but not ok to make it live to be operated - as you say, if no protocols or procedures in place to ensure this happened, H&S and management failure, an individual employee cannot be blamed for such an occurrence.
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  11. bright_Spark

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    My point exactly. Its all very well trying to point the finger to blame someone, yes mistakes have occurred which had serious consequences but we are all human and mistakes do happen but if there is no method statement to work to, how can you point the finger towards anyone just doing their job.
  12. Comlec

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    Management is a bi-directional communications channel in which most modes and direction can be set.
    However the easiest model to install and which most companies adopt, has the following settings by default
    Credit mode - set UP
    Blame mode - set DOWN

    Hence, much of senior management time is taken up in blamestorming meetings
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  13. Philip Hyde

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    FB_IMG_1682407896727.jpg Could be worse this was a site I was working on not long a go.
    7 months old the crane!! Was only moving a thin sheet he said :(:(
  14. Alan22

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  15. bright_Spark

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