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  1. Coaster

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  2. spirits are real 2016

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    Red Squirrels are protected by law and you can not disturb or distruct there home if you google Squirrels you will find the laws..
  3. FlyByNight

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    Grey squirrels are a different matter though.

    Assuming they are invasive greys. Get a squirrel trap and bait it - catch the squirrel and despatch it. Find and block theholes they are using for access.
  4. Coaster

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    Yes, grey!! Some handy man had blocked access but I think there maybe a tile missing or coming through neighbours .. I was hoping to deter them asap so they are out and block entry..
  5. koolpc

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    Land mines are good...
  6. FlyByNight

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    A better option is injecting a few grains of lead at very high speed.
  7. Rulland

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    No dynamite?, you've took ya foot off the pedal Kool :(
  8. koolpc

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    Dynamite can be used but you would only be left with the tail!
  9. Bob Rathbone

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    I had squirrels in my garage roof, waited for them to go then found and blocked up the access, lets see what happens this year.
  10. Coaster

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    is there a way to identify access? as we have boarded up gaps where the natural lights are coming through.. the squirrels still come back
  11. Nod1287

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    Fenn traps…quick and painless, although not for you if you put hand in
  12. GRH

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    I read that fire is very effective at removing all household pests - Dodo was using it to smoke out Alice when she invaded the White Rabbits house.

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